Eye-Fi Trickery

So I'll be heading to Japan for a month coming up and I wanted a way to do what the Eye-Fi used to do. You could take a picture, it »

Using Keybase To Verify A Domain Owner

If you haven't already heard of Keybase, it's a way to link social media accounts with a single identity and provides a means of secure communication to individuals using the »

Collaborative Forensics Data

Vand https://github.com/vanned/vand.io https://vand.io/ During Hack Arizona, I had the pleasure of working with a group on a neat site that was a PoC »

Calling Dibs!

Fun idea came across the lunch table with some coworkers about calling dibs on things and having a website to do so. Sounds like a great plan! https://inb4.us »

Wiggle Out the Data

I spent most of the day today reverse engineering Wigle.net's website and finding out how they were retrieving their data and making my own wrapper around their endpoints. Unfortunately »

MITM Sweetness

So you don't wanna get MITM'd? Well...my team and I at ASU have been working on a project for our Information Assurance class. We call it Pineapple Grapple. It »