Calling Dibs!

Fun idea came across the lunch table with some coworkers about calling dibs on things and having a website to do so. Sounds like a great plan! »

Wiggle Out the Data

I spent most of the day today reverse engineering's website and finding out how they were retrieving their data and making my own wrapper around their endpoints. Unfortunately »

MITM Sweetness

So you don't wanna get MITM'd? team and I at ASU have been working on a project for our Information Assurance class. We call it Pineapple Grapple. It »

Smash n Grab

So the new Super Smash Brothers game comes out on 3DS and it would be great to check out the demo! Some folks over at Reddit are very eager to »

ExpressJS Sessions and Google Volley

After countless attempts to figure out how to get sessions to work with ExpressJS and Android, I figured out it's not too difficult. Working on an Android app, I am »

Image Uploading with Angular and Express

Well after some struggle, I was able to get image upload working for Angular and Express. I first took a look at this middleware which was great because it had »